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ATM, eftpos, together with emerging payment channels

Cash Automation

Cash handling/management solutions

SwitchLink is your complete payments partner. We capture transactional and operational data in real time from all devices, kiosks and systems connected to SwitchLink and use this data in real time.


Business operations


Business processes and facilitate end to end business solutions.


With other systems and platforms (internal and external), again to facilitate end to end Business Solutions.

We already work with a range of clients in both Australia and Singapore, our target market being:

  • ATM Deployers
  • Eftpos Merchants
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retailers
  • Hospitailty and Entertainment Venues
  • Logistics Organisations
  • Device Maintenance Organisations


  • August 2015

    Partnered with hardware manufacture to deliver first Cash Automatic Solution.

  • JANUARY 2017

    Financial Switch goes live with first Acquirer and first Deployer.

  • AUGUST 2017

    Partnered with hardware manufacturer to deliver fully integrated Cash Automation solution to largest bakery in Singapore.

  • DECEMBER 2018

    Partnered with hardware manufacturer to deliver innovative solution to leading player in Australia Recyclables industry.


Real time, 24 * 7 Device, Kiosk and System Monitoring through the secure, configurable User Portal

Your single, holistic view of all your devices and kiosks in the network, capturing operational business events in real time to promote greater operational efficiencies and a deeper understanding of your business

  • SwitchLink supplied terminals
  • Merchant Acquiring
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Integrated with MyPOS Point of Sale solution
  • Industry compliant
  • ATM
  • ATM
  • Secure, reliable ATM Communications Network
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Merchant Settlement & Rebates
  • Disputes processing
  • Integration with number of popular Loyalty systems
  • Industry compliant
  • CASH AUTOMATION Integrated with the Cashpoint range of Cash Automation kiosks
  • Cash Redemption Terminal (CRT)
  • Cash Manager
  • Mini Cashier
  • Self Service Till (under development)
  • Integration with Deployer supplied Kiosks
  • Comprehensive Reporting


May 20, 2016

A Singaporean Bakery

SwitchLink scoped project with a national bakery company in Singapore, whose team of 130 drivers made customer deliveries and took payment. With 40% of these payments in cash, a team of 10 people were stationed at the depot to count it and enter the records into the financial systems. SwitchLink developed software to manage a system of cash deposit machines, integrated with the company’s ERP and HR systems, which received and counted the cash and automatically updated the revenue records. The result was that the 10 cashier staff were freed up for more productive tasks, and the cash processing time per driver was reduced from 25 mins to 2-3 mins minutes, a efficiency saving alone of over 47 man hours per day and the removal of manual cash handling from the business.

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